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How to be yourself everywhere you show up online

It's no secret that showing up online is HARD. The constantly-changing trends. Figuring out what to post or say. Doing so every 2-3 days... it's exhausting work, especially when you've got your own business to run, family to feed, and better things to do. Right?

The idea of showing up online already feels like a weight on the shoulders... but showing up as yourself? No thanks. Forget it. Figuring out how to do that will only take longer.

What if we told you that showing up as yourself online could be simple?

You don't need an elaborate social media plan, with professional photography and rebranding to start being yourself online. You might not even need new messaging. You just need some guidance, and with these four quick tips, you'll be back over on Instagram in no time.

How to Show Up As Yourself Online

1. Share images of yourself or your business, not stock photos.

Okay, this one might seem obvious but we're serious about this - don't use stock photos! People love to see what other people are doing online, so share more images of you or your smiling customers interacting with your product. When you do this, your business will seem more genuine, human, and real to your audience.

If you want to share more images of yourself or your business but don't have professional photos, that's okay! Grab your phone and start capturing what you can.

You don't need a fancy camera, professional photographer, studio, or special lighting to get more photos. Use what you've got and go with it, even if it feels silly or "small-scale." At the end of the day, it doesn't matter HOW you got the content, but that you're showing up as yourself online.

(P.S. Don't believe you can take photos with your phone and still look great online? We'll let you in on a little secret - all of Felty Co.'s images have been taken on an iPhone!)

2. Create content you enjoy, even if it's not trending.

One of the best ways to be yourself is to share the kind of content YOU enjoy, not what's trending. We've all been down the TikTok rabbit hole, and we've all seen the different social media trends as they come and go... but just because something's trending doesn't mean you need to create it. If the trend doesn't feel like you or your business, keep scrolling. There's no use in creating something that you don't enjoy.

So, what do you enjoy creating or seeing when it comes to social media? Do you like Instagram stories, polls, or photo posts? Maybe you love reels and TikToks? Great! Whatever it is that you enjoy, create more of that. Not only will your business end up shining through, but you'll have a much easier time showing up online.

3. Don't dance to reels if you don't want to dance!

This one goes in hand with the last tip, but it's so true - if you don't want to dance in your next reel, don't dance! Do what makes you feel like YOU.

We know there's a lot of pressure around reels, TikToks, and videos. IG Gurus dance in their reels with their trending sounds, telling you what you should be doing next to get the most engagement. Now, there's nothing wrong with their advice. Oftentimes, it's pretty helpful when navigating the algorithm. But, if you don't want to dance, film a video, or teach on IGTV, then don't. Create what you want to create and what feels most like your business. People won't get to know the real you or your business if you're not staying true to yourself.

4. Clearly define your brand voice, and own it!

Your brand voice should carry through everything you do. Just like you wouldn't use a different logo for each platform, you wouldn't use a completely different voice on each platform, either. You want a consistent voice throughout every space where your business shows up.

A brand voice is the tone, style, and personality that comes through in all aspects of your company. It's not only what you say, but how you say it. Your brand voice should reflect who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different from competitors.

A quick way to nail down how your brand voice should sound is by asking:

  • If your brand was a celebrity, who would it be? What would they say when talking about my brand?

  • What are your core values? These act as a filter for everything you say (and create).

  • Describe your brand as ____ but not ____. (i.e., sarcastic but not rude, empathetic but not incompetent, funny but not silly, etc.) This helps give boundaries to what your brand says, and what it doesn't.

The World Needs What You've Got.

When it comes to showing up as yourself online, we know that it's not as easy as it sounds. Four simple tips don't create a strategy for you, clear your calendar, or erase the fear. But, we do hope that these tips ease your mind when you think about what to post next. We hope that they take some of the pressure off, because the world needs what you have to offer.

If you're still feeling overwhelmed by social media and want some help, check out our newest service, Steady Social - where we'll get you started with a bullet-proof social strategy right off the bat. Within a month, you'll have 150 posts scheduled and ready to go for the entire year! 👏

Stop stressing about your social media. Instead, be present with your business – focusing more of your time on the things you do best!


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