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Why Consistency Matters on Social Media

Strengthen your brand and expand your reach! What you post on social media matters, but even more important is how often & consistently you post it.

Have you ever looked up a company and turned to their socials for more information? Have their socials then left you more confused, because they lack any rhyme or reason to their posts’ content and timing? Yeah, so have we. That’s why when you’re growing your business you must remember one thing, always: Content is king, but consistency is queen.

Social media is the main way that companies present themselves to the public. Think of it like how to choose your outfit for an interview. It’s also how a company best presents its tone, voice, and style to customers, via blogging, responding to customer questions and reviews, and simple posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If companies aren’t active on their social media platforms and creating a digital footprint, how are inquiring clients supposed to think that the company is responding to emails, answering phones or even doing much of anything? You can only take care of other peoples’ homes if your own home is in order first.

When should you post on social media?

So, consistency is queen – but how do you find out and take advantage of the best times and types of content to post? We’ll tell ‘ya!

  1. Google Analytics: Use your Google Analytics to find out when engagement with your brand is highest. If you’re new, start publishing content at varying times of the day and on different days of the week, and start tracking what performs best - take note of unique page views, time spent on the page, and bounce rate.

  2. Buffer: For many social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, Buffer will give you performance metrics over the time periods you select. Metrics include the number of posts you’ve shared, how many likes you’ve received, impressions, comments you’ve received, your page’s reach, and how many new followers you’ve gained. (P.S. Twitter will give you your Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers via their internal analytics system!)

But why is consistency so important?

You’ll develop meaningful relationships with your audience.

Consistently posting means giving customers more opportunities to be able to engage with you, and you with them. You’ll also quickly learn what it is that your customers are wanting to see, and that will make your content creation process that much easier.

For blogs, check Google Analytics and see what content is resonating most with readers by looking at page views and bounce rates.

Your audience will know what to expect from you.

Once you’ve discovered what people want to see and what aesthetic they are vibing with most, you can create your content to match. This means they’re more likely to share your content with their networks. (AKA - free marketing!)

Tips for staying consistent

  • Create a shared document if you have multiple writers/designers.

  • Have a specific publishing schedule (based on your analytics) & stick to it.

  • Assign due dates and tasks to each member, having at least one person oversee it all.

  • Take advantage of apps like Planable and Coschedule, where you can put content in early and set up posting times, then let the apps do the posting for you.

We know that showing up online can be tough and keeping up with the social stream kinda sucks. If you're wanting someone who can partner with you along the ride, give us a call. We'd love to chat with you!


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