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What is a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

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First thing's first: 

What the heck is StoryBrand? 

The StoryBrand Framework is a proven marketing framework built around the 7 elements of story. When you use this framework, you communicate a clear message and win in the marketplace. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Jill Felty of Felty Co. uses this framework with all Felty Co. clients to help them capture the attention of their customers and maximize your marketing dollars. 

Your StoryBrand
Crash Course

A StoryBrand Certified Guide Can...

Give you words that work.

Using the framework, a StoryBrand Certified Guide can write the words that will keep you coming back -- everywhere your words show up.

Develop a strategy that rocks.

With proven strategies, you'll outshine the competition and get noticed, all with a system that's working even while you sleep.

Equip you with marketing that sells.

You'll feel confident you're taking the right next steps with marketing that makes you money.

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Read the Books

The book that started it all. This book teaches you the framework and how to make it work for you. 

Read More

This book teaches you everything you need to know about running a business without the price take of a MBA.

Read More

This book teaches you to use the StoryBrand framework to build a powerful sales funnel that works while you sleep.

Read More

This book will inspire you to find meaning and live a life of deep purpose. 

Read More

Take A StoryBrand Course


Everything you need to know to grow a business in on-demand courses.



Clarify your message and get coached through the framework by the experts in a live, 2-day event.


"We're excited to pay our bills every month!"

And other crazy things clients have said about our work ...

"Since launching our updated site, we've gotten so many new leads. It's exciting to see our business grow, especially after the "pandemic pause." When we go to pay our bills each month, we're actually excited to know how much we've made! It's incredible."


- Andy C., Book Nook Enrichment

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"I’m a copywriter myself and had written (and rewritten and rewritten) my own content for years. I was simply too close to it and constantly second-guessed myself. I’m so glad I handed it over to Jill and her team. I absolutely loved the process and was blown away by the finished product. 10/10 would recommend.”


- Katie Lantukh, Murphy Marketing

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"Jill, I have to say, you're killing it! This is exactly what we needed. You nailed our voice -- and the messaging is perfect!"


- Adam C., Glass Expanse

Web + Email Copy

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