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About Felty Co. Creative Copy

We believe the best words come from connection, collaboration, and are Damn fun to read.


Have you ever read the words on your website or on other marketing materials and thought, "something is off here."

Maybe it's the overall tone, or that it's unclear what you actually do. Or maybe it's just flat out not bringing in qualified leads.

Whatever it is, you just know it's not working.

And honestly, it's okay. That version of your website or marketing probably worked for you at some point -- it got you where you are today! But now, it's time to level up and get the words you've been waiting for.

And let's get real, here. You're already juggling a lot to run your business as it is -- words shouldn't be another thing you have to keep in the air!

Because here's the thing: the best words don't happen in a vacuum. They happen through collaboration and connection.


We collaborate with you to find the right words for your business. We research your audience so that the words we write connect with them. And we make them damn fun to read.


We're here to help you make your words the best part of your business - and the thing you're most excited to share - so that you can market more efficiently, effectively, and have a ball while doing it!

📍 Roseville, CA + serving clients worldwide

Meet Your Copy (& Hype) Team


Jill Felty

Owner, Head Writer + StoryBrand Certified Guide


"Finding the right words for clients is like slipping on the perfect pair of jeans. They fit like a glove and feel amazing. That's why I love doing this!"

Bethany Bennett

Admin Assistant


"I'm that classic pair of mom jeans to Felty Co. I make sure everything stays covered."

Bethany_Jay.Fall2019.DeniseApgarPhotography-67 copy.jpg

Jessi Anderson

Copy Writer + Digital Strategist


"Classic. Reliable. Versatile. I help Felty Co. keep up with the trends and get all the things done (you know, like your fav vintage jeans."

Steven Felty

Owner + Business Operations


"Healthcare compliance by day, managing our business by night. It's a little like being Batman, but without the tights. (Okay, the occasional pair of tights)."


Kind Words from Clients

"Since launching our updated site, we've gotten so many new leads. It's exciting to see our business grow, especially after the "pandemic pause." When we go to pay our bills each month, we're actually excited to know how much we've made! It's incredible."


- Andy C., Book Nook Enrichment

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"I’m a copywriter myself and had written (and rewritten and rewritten) my own content for years. I was simply too close to it and constantly second-guessed myself. I’m so glad I handed it over to Jill and her team. I absolutely loved the process and was blown away by the finished product. 10/10 would recommend.”


- Katie Lantukh, Murphy Marketing

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"Jill, I have to say, you're killing it! This is exactly what we needed. You nailed our voice -- and the messaging is perfect!"


- Adam C., Glass Expanse

Web + Email Copy

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Pinstripe Golf Studio
Murphy Marketing

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