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Show up in their inbox. Stay top-of-mind.

Copywriting for sales and nurture emails that keep them coming back for more.

Send emails people love to open (and make you $$ in the process).

Email marketing isn't dead.
But some people act like it is.


I mean, what other platform delivers your content directly to your ideal client?  Since when does Instagram show your posts to more than 3% of your followers?

Probably since about 2008.

But email marketing does. We've seen our clients get between 20-50% open rates (and even make 5 figures from a single email).

It's time we start treating email marketing like the queen she is. Are you ready?

Emails are the answer if...



You want results (like the ones we talked about above), but have no clue where to start.

You have a cold email list (or maybe even a non-existent one -- no shame here!) You're ready to jump into the email marketing game and need a guide to tell you where to start.


You're inconsistent at best with sending emails.

You know that email marketing keeps your brand top-of-mind for your ideal customers. But your inconsistent sends make it tough for people to remember you the moment they need you.


You're just ready to level up.

You've handled your email marketing and have done a great job at it (congratulations!) But now, your business has grown beyond doing the work. You need your own mini-email marketing team so that you can focus on higher-level things fo your business.

Kind words from kinder clients. ❤️ 

We've gotten incredible results for our clients, and we want to do the same for you.

"Since launching our updated site, we've gotten so many new leads. It's exciting to see our business grow, especially after the "pandemic pause." When we go to pay our bills each month, we're actually excited to know how much we've made! It's incredible."


- Andy C., Book Nook Enrichment

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"I’m a copywriter myself and had written (and rewritten and rewritten) my own content for years. I was simply too close to it and constantly second-guessed myself. I’m so glad I handed it over to Jill and her team. I absolutely loved the process and was blown away by the finished product. 10/10 would recommend.”


- Katie Lantukh, Murphy Marketing

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"Jill, I have to say, you're killing it! This is exactly what we needed. You nailed our voice -- and the messaging is perfect!"


- Adam C., Glass Expanse

Web + Email Copy

Here's whatcha get ...

60-minute strategy meeting.

High-converting emails, delivered in batches of 6.

Subject lines, preview text, and drip schedule included.

Ready to leverage email like never before?


Let's do a fit check.


Book some time on my calendar for a seriously no-pressure chat about your words see if we're a good fit to make word magic together.


We'll give you the words.


We'll get to work doing some research, talking with you and your clients, and writing the words that will go the extra mile for you.


You get excited.


Get excited to swap out your words and see the difference they can make! From open rates to more leads, you'll be thrilled with your investment in the right words.

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