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Get Kickass Words In a Week

Words for your business' marketing materials delivered in 5 days flat.

Kick off your project on Monday and get words by Friday. Yes, it's almost too easy.

Words falling flat?  
Who's got time for that?


Words can be tricky. They can confuse or bring clarity.


They can attract some people, and totally repel others.


But you don't have the time to figure out what words will work for you. You need a fresh message. 

And you need it, like, yesterday. 

We've got you covered. We'll deliver you the words that work for your website, brand message, or email series -- and we'll do it in just 5 days.

Words in a Week might be the right route if...



You've shifted strategies and need a new message to go with it.

You just got new branding or are shifting target audiences and want to implement a new message, website words, or email series ASAP.


You've been through the StoryBrand Livestream and don't want to lose momentum.

You just went through the 2-day StoryBrand livestream and got your new message. Awesome! You've lost momentum on projects like this before and you've sworn it won't happen again. This time, you're going to put your words to work, and fast. 


You just straight-up don't wanna wait. 

Patience not always your strong suit? Honestly, me either. This option to get your copy in 5-days was made for you. 

The message makes a difference.

We've gotten incredible results for our clients, and we want to do the same for you.

"Since launching our updated site, we've gotten so many new leads. It's exciting to see our business grow, especially after the "pandemic pause." When we go to pay our bills each month, we're actually excited to know how much we've made! It's incredible."


- Andy C., Book Nook Enrichment

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"I’m a copywriter myself and had written (and rewritten and rewritten) my own content for years. I was simply too close to it and constantly second-guessed myself. I’m so glad I handed it over to Jill and her team. I absolutely loved the process and was blown away by the finished product. 10/10 would recommend.”


- Katie Lantukh, Murphy Marketing

Brand Messaging + Web Copy

"Jill, I have to say, you're killing it! This is exactly what we needed. You nailed our voice -- and the messaging is perfect!"


- Adam C., Glass Expanse

Web + Email Copy

Get Your Words in a Week. 🗓 

Here's how:


We kick off your project in a 90-minute discovery session.


We meet to review progress and make live edits.


We deliver your project straight to your inbox.

Ready to put your words to work, stat!? 

We've got Words in a week options

Full Brand message + voice guide with 90-day implementation plan

Website words for your homepage, about page, and 3 core service pages

A 6-email sales or nurture series with subject lines, preview text, and drip schedule

Ready to make your words count?


Let's do a fit check.


Book some time on my calendar for a seriously no-pressure chat about your words see if we're a good fit to make word magic together.


We'll give you the words.


We'll get to work doing some research, talking with you and your clients, and writing the words that will go the extra mile for you.


You get excited.


Get excited to swap out your words and see the difference they can make! From open rates to more leads, you'll be thrilled with your investment in the right words.

Book Nook.png
Pinstripe Golf Studio
Murphy Marketing

Whatcha wanna know about Words in a Week?

  • So, I get to choose which service I need for Words in a Week?
    Yes! It's a choose-your-adventure sorta deal. And you have three options to choose from: Brand Message & Voice Guide. Complete with a 90-day implementation plan customized for your business. Think of this as a jump-start to your marketing plan. It's a comprehensive guide to building the ultimate sales funnel for you. Website Words. Get your homepage, about page, and 3 core service pages completely re-written to match your brand voice, personality and goals. 6-Email Sales or Nurture Series. Build out your sales funnel with an email series that keeps you top of mind and gets clicks!
  • Is there only one round of live revisions?
    While we only have one round of live revisions, you have up to one week following the final delivery to request another round of edits. Usually, we can get pretty dang close with the live revision sessions. But we're always happy to take another pass to make sure it's ✨ just right✨.
  • What if I want more than just one service during my week?
    While we can only accomplish one of your selected projects during the week, you can certainly add on services! We can't promise the add-ons will be completed in the five days. We'll prioritize what's most important and knock that out first, then move on to the next project. Let us know what you're looking for on our discovery call!
  • Are there payment plans?
    We can break up your payments in as many as three payments. However, in order to hold your week, we do require a 20% non-refundable deposit that we will apply to your total payment.
  • Alright -- this does sound pretty neat. But what’s it cost?
    All Words in a Week services are $5,000 and can be paid over 3 payments.

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